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5 Tips And Considerations About Restful And Revitalising Sleep

By Ben | In Featured, meditation, Sleep | on March 3, 2014

Posted by Ben Barnett on www.citywellness.co.uk on Feb 5, 2014 in Sleep

5 Tips And Considerations About Restful And Revitalising Sleep

1)Modern Western society teaches us that busy is good, entertained and stimulated is good. Sleep is often associated with exhaustion, boredom, nothing better to do so devalued by mind and body.

2)Going to sleep without relaxing first does not create space for restful revitalising sleep; when you crash into bed the muscle tension does not get to relax before you go to sleep. You wake up with a stiff back or tired legs because these muscles have stayed partially switched on all night.

3) Worries about sleep can affect your productivity and your sleep. How often do you decide how tired to be in-between waking up and opening your eyes? Do you get anxious during the day because you have a busy day tomorrow and think you will not have the energy for it?

4) In Holistic terms your body hoards what it thinks it will need in the future, including anxiety. If your system decides that worrying gets results in ANY part of your life it will store up worry….just in case! Certain things like a great orgasm, a healthy relationship, a good nights sleep, just cannot be produced by worrying. Meditation allows you to detach from unnecessary worry.

5) Given that the majority of us spend way more time sleeping in our lifetime than anything else, It would be a good idea to expand it from something purely functional to the place where imagination is sparked, potential is tapped into and novel solutions discovered.

Try out my meditation for restful, revitalising and exceptional sleep here;

Ben is a Holistic Health expert with 20 years experience in Massage, guided visualisation and performance facilitation.

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